Bronze 1 Novice Coach

Emily has been part of the Pacific Swim Team family since 2006. She learned how to swim at a young age and joined PS when she was 8 years old. At age 10 she moved to the Blue Group where she swam with Owen who taught her what it meant to race and how to meet an impossible time goal. From then on Emily started competing at Championship meets as well as travel meets. Her swimming career lead her all the way to the Gold Group. There, Coach Dan taught Emily how to overcome her weaknesses and become stronger not only as a swimmer but as a person. Emily learned that swimming wasn’t just an individual sport but a team sport. She swam throughout high school and was a part of the varsity team at Del Norte High School. Her team held the League Championship total all 4 years. She was also part of their CIF team and currently still holds a couple records there.

Emily graduated high school and all though is no longer competing, swimming still continues to be a part of her life. Emily is now a full time student studying to get her Business Management degree here in San Diego. Emily is working part time as a novice coach and leading the Bronze 1 Group,

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