SIDEWAYS | 30 Minutes | $220/month


Sideways is the entry level beginner novice class taught in a 15 yard area of the pool to children who have just learned to swim freestyle with side breathing, backstroke and butterfly on their own. The focus of this group is to perfect strokes and build endurance to prepare the swimmer to swim 25 yards.  The swimmers are instructed by a coach who is outside of the water.  We recommend swimmers participating 2-3 times per week for maximum benefit.

BEGINNER NOVICE | 30 Minutes | $220/month

The beginner novice program is for children who are able to do freestyle with side breathing, backstroke and butterfly on their own for one length of the pool (25 yards). Swimmers in this group begin to learn new drills, build endurance, learn underwater control and dives. This group can attend novice meets for fun where every participant wins a ribbon. part of a swim team, perfect their strokes and further their skills, while participating in fun meets where they all win medals and ribbons. As they grow stronger and more skilled, they move up through the novice groups to competitive groups which are divided by their age and skill level.



ADVANCED NOVICE | 1 Hour  | $220/month                           

Swimmers at this level know freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. In addition to knowing these strokes they will also learn breastroke. This groups focus is on efficient strokes, legal starts, turns and finishes. Swimmers learn how to use the pace clock and do simple sets. They also play games, do drills, build endurance, and have fun while perfecting their strokes. These swimmers can also go to novice swim meets as well as C meets, which are the lowest level of competitive swim meets. When swimmers move up from this group they are ready to swim in the competitive groups.

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