Pacific Swim Team is proud to offer Novice and Competitive levels of swimming to all ages. The Novice Program is tailored to teach swimmers to perfect their strokes and further their skills, while participating in fun meets where they all win medals and ribbons. As they grow stronger and more skilled, they move up through the Novice Groups to Competitive Groups which are divided by their age and skill level.

Pacific Swim is one of the top performing teams in San Diego and Imperial county recognized as Junior Olympic and Championship meet winners. Pacific Swim is proud to have sent multiple swimmers to Junior and Senior Nationals, Open Water Junior Nationals and the Olympic Trials. Athletes have obtained scholarships and gone on to compete at some of the top swim and academic schools in the nation such as Stanford, Harvard, UCSB, UC Davis, UC Berkley, Notre Dame, Boston College, Auburn, Northwestern and many other great schools. Our swimmers have also consistently placed in the top 10 in the nation at the age group level and routinely show up on the podiums at the Junior National, Sectional, Zone and Far Western levels through out the years. We are proud to be able to offer a program that has allowed swimmers to excel to their highest aspirations and dreams.

Please call 858.486.3670 or contact us through email to find out more about our programs.

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