RED | 12 & Under | 1.5 Hours | $255/month

Red group is comprised of competitive age group swimmers. This group is focused on swimmers who are interested in learning the competitive spirit of swimming. Red group uses intervals, pacing, technique endurance, teamwork and stroke efficacy to further improve and develop all four competitive strokes. Red group also emphasizes proper starts, turns and finishes. This group is for swimmers who are looking to commit to 3 or 4 practices per week as well as 4 swim meets per season. Swimmers in this group range from JO level swimmers to newly competitive swimmers who have B/C times. Focus is also on the rules of each of the strokes and emphasize practicing the strokes correctly in practice. Diving and flip turns are also covered.


  • Ability to execute legal starts, turns and strokes
  • Must compete in at least 4 meets per season including JO’s and/or JO Maxx
  • Must attend a minimum of 3 practices per week
  • Must be able to complete 6 x 100’s on the 2:00 interval


BLUE | 13 & Under | 2 Hours | $255/month

Blue group is designed for 12 & under A/B swimmers who have experience in competitive swimming. This group is comprised of very competitive and highly skilled swimmers. This group is made up of mostly Junior Olympic younger swimmers with A-AAAA times. These swimmers should swim 4-6 practices per week. This group aspires to qualify and win at Junior Olympics, Far Westerns and Western Zones. At this level swimmers continue to work on stroke mechanics with an emphasis on learning how to train at a high level in order to achieve their full potential.


  • 8/9 year old girls-10 & Under BB times
  • 10 year old girls-J.O times and can make 8 x 100’s freestyle on 1:30
  • 8/9 year old boys-10&Under BB times
  • 10/year old boys-J.O times and can make 8 x 100’s freestyle on 1:30
  • 11year old girls-BB times and can make 8 x 100’s freestyle on 1:25
  • 11year old boys-BB times and can make 8 x 100’s freestyle on 1:25
  • 12 year old girls-A times and can make 8 100’s on 1:25
  • 12 year old boys-A times and make 8 x 100’s on 1:25



BRONZE 1 | 12 & Over | 1 Hr | $255/month

Bronze 1 is our entry level competitive group for swimmers with minimal swimming experience. Workouts are technique based and stress the fundamentals of swimming correct starts, turns, reading the clock and working on endurance. Athletes are encouraged to attend all workouts offered, to maximize improvement. Athletes can start competing in our monthly novice meets when they are ready and then transition to sanctioned meets as stroke technique and times improve. Once they start competing in meets regularly, they should look to be moved into the Bronze Competitive Group.


  • Can swim butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle
  • Encourage at least 2-3 workouts per week
  • Can swim 100 yards consecutively

BRONZE COMPETITIVE | 12 & Over | 1Hr 45 Min | $255/month

Bronze Competitive is a group for swimmers who are committed to achieving Junior Olympic and A time standards. Workouts are offered 5 days a week and are designed to develop technique as well as teach competitive racing strategies Bronze Competitive swimmers know how to read a clock, execute a set and swim a minimum of 4,000 yards each practice. Athletes are encouraged to make all workouts but at least 3 practices are required. Bronze Competitive is tailored to smoothly transition athletes to Silver when they are ready, and most are on their high school JV teams during swimming season. Athletes in Bronze Competitive also understand the importance of swimming in meets to execute race strategy and performance.


  • 5 x 100’s Free on 1:45 or 10 x 100’s free on 1:50
  • Attend a minimum of 3 workouts per week
  • Ability to execute all legal starts, turns and strokes
  • Be able to read the clock and understand and calculate intervals
  • Coaches recommendation, either from previous group or after 1 trial practice

SENIOR 1 | 13 & Over | 2-3 Hrs plus Dry-land | $325/month

Senior Group is for athletes with the highest level of commitment to swimming. This group represents swimmers with Sectional and National level goals. Many athletes from this group will  earn scholarships and swim in college. Swimmers have or are working towards regional meets such as Zones, Sectionals and Far Westerns and are looking forward to National and International competitions such as Junior and Senior Nationals, US Open and Olympic Trials. Swimmers are challenged with morning workouts, dry-land sessions and a competitive meet schedule.  Athletes are selected for this group from the top swimmers in Silver Elite as well as exceptional younger talents from Blue. Before a swimmer is selected for this elite group they should be ready to commit to the physical, mental and time demands as well as have a proven competitive track record.


  • Attend all practices every day as well as dry-land and strength training sessions.
  • Have already demonstrated training consistency for a couple years as well as maturity as an athlete.
  • Can train consistently at 1:10 and faster intervals for boys and 1:15 and faster intervals for girls.
  • Consideration is only give to swimmers with multiple AA times or higher in primary events.
  • The top 30-40 athletes at Pacific Swim are invited to train in the gold group.

Please call 858.486.3670 or contact us through email to find out more about our programs.

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